Krsiak Daniel


What I did in last 8 years in regular or freelance IT jobs:

  • team leader
  • web consultant
  • project manager
  • front end web developer
  • website localization engineer
  • entrepreneur with own web business
  • IT skills trainer (WordPress, Excel, AutoHotkey)

You can read my resume in PDF. If you need anything work related, contact me via my Linkedin profile.

This is not a portfolio. You can google me but you will find mostly old projects based on WordPress themes. Last couple years I was working on internal corporate projects for Apple and Microsoft which I cannot share.

I learn new skills on regular basis using:


  • aspiring powerlifter
  • passionate cook and baker
  • piano and acoustic guitar player
  • Community Moderator at
  • author of 3D modelling, papercraft series: Pepakura with over 700K+ views combined


Do you want to make more money, be more likeable and finally successful ? Below is what helped me.

MOTIVATION: My favourite motivational speaker is Mr. Les Brown, who helped me shape my life and find my purpose.

GYM: If you are like I was, skinny, struggling IT guy, not sure if gym is for you, I am saying: “You can change!” Gain muscle, fix your health issues and get rid of sore lower back! Check out the weight gain program over at, it changed my life 😉

FASHION: Are you lost when it comes to how to dress for work of your free time? Look for some Men or Women fashion inspiration over at my friend’s blog, a wonderful Tereza Kulich :)

Learn. Level up your life! It is a game after all.