Daniel Kršiak React Developer

Hi 👋 I am React Developer based in Brno, Czech Republic 🇨🇿

I enjoy working with JavaScript, TypeScript, and React.

(+420) 734 496 308 | krsiak.daniel@gmail.com


HTML, CSS, Sass, Tailwind CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Next.js, Redux, Figma

What I do

I am passionate about creating high-quality products that meet the needs and expectations both of the client and the users.

React Components

I create components that are reusable and easy to maintain.

Responsive Design

I make sure that the product looks good on all devices.


I improve the product UI to be more user-friendly and effective.

About me


I am React Developer, who knows QA Automation and is capable of leading people as Team Leader.

React Developer

React Developer · 4 years

I work with JavaScript, TypeScript, React, and Redux. I have a strong background writing functional components. I use Tailwind CSS for styling and create user-friendly, responsive applications.

QA Automation Team Leader

QA Automation Team Leader · 2 years

I was asked to create and lead 2x QA automation teams. Setting up Cypress and Playwright for E2E tests, writing test scripts in JavaScript and TypeScript, and coordinating unit and integration tests.

Localization Manager

Localization Manager · 2 years

I had the amazing chance to work on Microsoft's projects. I was involved in localization of Windows, and Windows Phone. I also managed localization of SaaS company website into 10 languages.

WordPress Developer

WordPress Developer · 5 years (part-time job)

In the past when I started in Front End, I developed custom WordPress websites for clients and small companies. In doing so I gained some experience with PHP.

Daniel Kršiak

Work Experience


In my previous jobs, I developed new features, redesigned websites, implemented responsive design, updated legacy codebases, was responsible for text localization, QA testing, automation and team leading on various projects.

💬 Customer Care Chat Dashboard

💬 Customer Care Chat Dashboard

Smartsupp · React Developer · 3 years 2 months

I worked on chat dashboard features and new design, including redesign of settings. I was involved in UX team to learn.


100 000+ customers.

Project details
🚀 SaaS Company Website

🚀 SaaS Company Website

Smartsupp · Front End Developer · 1 year

I created the company website Front End. I worked closely with the main UX designer on new brand color theme and layout decisions.


100 000+ customers.

Project details
🏦 Commerce Bank Website

🏦 Commerce Bank Website

Komerční banka · React Developer · 10 months

I created search page for ATM and branches, with their detail pages. And also Exchange rates page with details for each currency.


2 000 000+ customers.

Project details
🛒 Online Marketplace

🛒 Online Marketplace

Groupon · QA Automation Team Leader · 4 months

I was responsible setting up new QA team, related processes, hiring and managing people, making test plans, test cases, and scripts.


17 000 000+ customers.

Project details

In My Free Time

Personal Projects

I like to learn new technologies and create personal projects where I can apply what I know and keep up on the latest trends.

👨‍💻 Portfolio Website

👨‍💻 Portfolio Website

Personal · Next.js App

My personal portfolio website to showcase my work and skills. The latest iteration of what I know and can code as React Developer.

Project details
💰 CryptoMania

💰 CryptoMania

Personal · React App

Crypto currency prices app fetching latest data from CoinGecko API. This is fun little project created in Chakra UI with dark mode available.

Project details
🛒 eCommerce Website

🛒 eCommerce Website

Personal · Vue.js App

Simple eCommerce website. First time coding with Vue and Nuxt. Used Vuetify for styling. Exercise in creating Vue project.

Project details

How to reach me

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