Daniel Krsiak
React Developer

Hi 👋 I am React Developer based in Brno, Czech Republic 🇨🇿


HTML, CSS, Sass, Tailwind CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Next.js, Redux, GraphQL, Jest, Playwright, Figma

My Main Skills
JavaScript · 5 years

Essential for creating modern interactive web applications.

TypeScript · 4 years

Ensuring type safety, code reliability and scalability.

React · 4 years

Great for components that are reusable and easy to maintain.

Redux · 2 years

Managing application state in a predictable and organized way.

What I Do

💰📈 My Skills For Your Company

1. Passionate about JavaScript, TypeScript, and React

I bring 5+ years of experience in crafting modern interactive web applications. I use Tailwind CSS, ensuring visually appealing and responsive designs.

2. Proficient in technologies

Using Next.js, Redux, GraphQL, Jest, Playwright, and Figma, I prioritize code reliability and scalability to deliver high-quality solutions and products.

3. Focus on type safety

With 4+ years of experience in TypeScript, I emphasize on code safety and creating robust codebases.

🥇🚀 I Have Committed Mindset

1. Committed to continuous learning

Improving my technical skills and staying updated with trends. I actively participate in online communities and learn to enhance my knowledge and expertise.

2. Collaborative by nature

I like teams where I can contribute my ideas. My strong communication skills allow me explain concepts to stakeholders and team members.

3. Delivering meaningful products to improve users lives

I am passionate about technologies solving real-world problems, helping customers and users.