👨‍💻 About Me

I am React Developer, who knows QA Automation and is capable of leading people as Team Leader.

  1. Front End - React Developer

    Front End - React Developer4 years

    With hands-on experience, I specialize in JavaScript, TypeScript, React, and Redux. Noteworthy achievements include the development of a Dashboard application for customer care and contributions to a Banking website for Komercni banka. Showcasing my proficiency in crafting user-centric solutions.

  2. Front End - JavaScript Developer

    Front End - JavaScript Developer1 year

    I led the creation of a new website using PHP and JavaScript for a prominent SaaS company. This involved implementing a responsive design strategy and collaborating closely with UX designers to ensure an optimal user experience.

  3. QA Automation - Team Leader

    QA Automation - Team Leader1 year

    In my role as a QA Automation Team Leader, I successfully led 2 QA teams in implementing testing tools like Cypress and Playwright for E2E testing. My responsibilities also included writing tests in JavaScript and TypeScript to ensure robust test coverage and maintain code quality.

  4. Localization - Manager

    Localization - Manager2 years

    I managed small team and oversaw the localization efforts for Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows Phone, managing the translation of a SaaS company website into nine languages. This role honed my project management skills and deepened my understanding of internationalization strategies.

  5. Localization - Tester

    Localization - Tester3 years

    I conducted thorough layout testing for Microsoft projects, including Windows 7 and Windows Store, ensuring seamless user experiences across different platforms.

Daniel Krsiak