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QA Automation - Team Leader ยท 4 months

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  • 17 000 000+ customers.
  • I was responsible setting up new QA team, related processes, hiring and managing people, making test plans, test cases, and scripts.


  • JavaScriptTypeScriptReactNext.jsPlaywright
  • FigmaStorybook
  • JiraConfluenceTempoQATeam Management

My job

  • I worked on automation, testing scripts and team coordination.
  • Groupon is an online marketplace, offering discounts on products and services, with 17 million customers.

My role

  • SDET = Software Development Engineer in Testing.
  • In testing, it is an IT professional who can work equally in both development and testing.

Responsibility #1: QA Automation and Testing Scripts

  • Setting up automation, including Playwright for E2E.
  • Writing E2E tests in JavaScript and TypeScript.
  • Coordinating efforts related to unit tests and integration tests.
  • Writing documentation for developers.
  • CI/CD pipeline in GitHub using Jenkins, for unit, integration, and E2E tests.

Responsibility #2: Team Coordination

  • Involved in hiring new SDET members for QA team.
  • Work across 4 teams.
  • 3 DEV teams (15 developers). Setting priorities for writing unit and integration tests.
  • 1 QA team (6 manual testers). Coordinating regression testing for the website.
  • Drive the discussion and decisions on technical topics related to the teams.
  • Keeping up-to-date JIRA tasks for testing.


See project screenshots below.

Project Image
Project Image